If you are going to read this blog, you will notice that there is no everyday information or news. My blog focuses on the nature’s issue. It is because my concern is more on the issue about our environment. Hi, my name is Georgiana by the way aged 25. My homeland is the homeland of the hobbits. You must have known where it is, right?

From childhood I like nature. When I was very young I went to the family to meet the most amazing corners of the hometown. Then I jumped into the forest, meadows, rivers, rock art … I have spent many time in different habitats, enjoying it.

The explorer and the curiosity took me to study biology degree, in university. I also had the opportunity to buy my first camera at that time, becoming one of the best investment in my life, as well as all the camera I bought when I was in the kindergartens. It’s my precious treasure. It’s my life partner.

Since then, I have done all my trips and trips to understand nature and to interpret time. When I go visiting nature, I feel like wildlife surrounds me. The worries about biodiversity has led me to emphasize the importance of nature in society’s welfare. This blog is therefore my challenge to disclose nature. I want to share the importance of nature for our lives.

I hope you enjoy what you read. I invite you to share your opinions, critiques, doubts and concerns in this corner, because knowledge and curiosity are the main source of development!